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Work samples 1 to 100, out of 157 total work samples

C Jam Blues , by Duke Ellington, as perf. Oscar Peterson

C'mon And Swim (from 00:00 to 02:10) , by Thomas Coman, Sly Stone; as perf. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas

Caledonia , by Celtic Thunder

California Dreamin'/Sweet Dreams (from 00:00 to 03:08) , by The Mamas & The Papas/Eurythmics as perf. Bailey Pelkman

California Soul (from 00:00 to 02:30) , by Valerie Simpson, Nickolas Ashford; as perf. The Messengers

Call On Me (from 00:00 to 02:11) , by Eddie Holland, Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier; as perf. Four Tops

Callin' Me When I'm Lonely , by Sheryl Crow

Can I Change My Mind , by Chuck Jackson

Can We Love Again (from 00:00 to 03:05) , by Pam Sawyer, Clifton Davis, perf. by The Supremes

Can You Jerk Like Me , by William Mickey Stevenson, Ivy Joe Hunter; as perf. The Contours

Can You Read My Mind? , by Emile Pandolfi

Can't Help Falling in Love , by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George David Weiss, as perf. Neal Schon

Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Sax Cover) , by George David Weiss, Hugo E Peretti, Luigi Creatore, perf. by Elvis Presley

Can't Turn Back , by Charles Jenkins

Canary , by Liz Phair

Canción Mixteca (arrange for solo guitar) , by Trad. (arr. by Ry Cooder)

Candlelight , by Jack Savoretti

Canon in D (harpsichord) , by Johann Pachelbel

Canon in D and Seek Ye First , by arr. Rick Jansen

Cantabile (from 00:00 to 04:24) , by Michel Petrucciani

Cantaloop (Flip Out) (from 03:20 to 04:25) , by The Manhattan Transfer

Captain Morgan , by Joe Don West

Caramel , by John Grant

Caribbean Christmas , by Kokomo Jo

Carolina (from 00:00 to 01:30) , by Jason Harrod

Carousel , by Alexis Ffrench

Carousel 1 , by George Winston

Carousel Of Love , by J. Stone; as perf. Jane Olivor

Carry Me , by Snatam Kaur & Peter Kater

Carter Family, The , by Carly Simon

Caruso , by Neal Schon

Cat, The (right hand solo) (from 00:45 to 02:18) , by Lalo Schifrin, perf. by Jimmy Smith

Caught In The Rain , by Martin Sexton

Cavalleria Rusticana , by Pietro Mascagni, perf. by Richard Clayderman

Cent Mille Chansons , by Paul Mauriat

Century City (guitar solo) (from 01:52 to 02:32) , by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Chain Lightning , by Steely Dan

Chan's Song (cover) , by Herbie Hancock

Chance in The Storm , by Walk In Darkness

Change My Heart (from 00:00 to 01:45) , by perf. by Lifeway Kids

Chariots Rise (OST Secretary) , by Angelo Badalamenti, perf. by Lizzie West

Charlie Brown (Piano Cover) , by Coldplay, as perf. Gavin Mikhail

Charlie Sings Go Fuck Yourself (from 00:08 to 01:11) , by Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Chasing The Night , by The Ramones

Cheap Lovin' (from 00:00 to 03:20) , by Jimmy Webb, perf. by The Supremes

Cheek to Cheek , by Irving Berlin, perf. by Eva Cassidy

Cherokee (jazz piano cover) , by Ray Noble, arr. by Bobby Enriquez

Cherry Red Blues , by Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin

Childhood Dreams , by Nelly Furtado

Children Will Listen (from 00:02 to 02:39) , by Stephen Sondheim, as perf. Bernadette Peters

Children Will Listen , by Stephen Sondheim, as perf. Bernadette Peters

Children's Song , by Øystein Sevåg (Austin Severg)

Children's Song , by Øystein Sevåg

China Boy (from 00:00 to 01:03) , by Phil Boutelje & Richard Winfree, as perf. Matty Matlock

Chocho Musubi (violin cover) , by Aimer, arr. by Ayako Ishikawa

Chop Chop Boogie , by Hadda Brooks

Chris , by Pat Metheney Group

Christmas Fancy , by Simani

Christmas Hallelujah , by Leonard Cohen, as perf. Caleb + Kelsey

Christmas Lullabye , by Faith Evans

Christmas Morn In Newfoundland , by Eddie Coffey

Christmas Party , by John Mulaney, Seth Meyers and Eli Bolin

Christmas Song - Reprise , by Chad Beguelin, Matthew Sklar

Christmas Tsis Muaj Koj , by High Voltage

Chuck Out The Men! (from 00:00 to 01:40) , by Friedrich Hollaender

Claire Deschutes , by Dirk Powell, Tim O'Brien, and John Herrmann

Clancy's Tavern , by Toby Keith

Clarinet Marmalade (from 01:03 to 01:39) , by Larry Shields and Henry Ragas, perf. by Irving Fazola and Orchestra

Clarinet Marmalade (clarinet solo) (from 00:00 to 01:09) , by Larry Shields and Henry Ragas, perf. by Sid Phillips and his Band

Clarinet Marmalade (clarinet) (from 00:00 to 01:18) , by Benny Goodman, perf. by The Straw Hatters

Class (from 03:08 to 04:14) , by Stephen Sondheim, as perf. Mikey Wooster

Cleanse You , by Calee Reed

Clear (from 00:00 to 04:28) , by NEEDTOBREATHE

Cleo's Mood , by Jr. Walker & The All Stars

Cliff Burton of Metallica, bass solo live at The Metro , by Metallica, arr. by Alessandro Incremona

Cliffs of Baccalieu , by Jack Withers

Clive and Ann , by Richard Robbins

Clocks (Harp Cover) (from 00:55 to 01:29) , by Coldplay, arr. Amanda Whiting

Clones , by Paul Wardingham

Close to You , by Burt Bacharach, perf. by Giuseppe Sbernini

Close to You , by The Carpenters, arr by Richard Jensen

Clouds , by David Gates, as perf. Eddit Current

Club Can't Handle Me (from 00:08 to 02:00) , by Flo Rida, as perf. Dartmouth Aires

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