of our WORK!

Imagine your song converted to sheet music.

Here are some of our favorite transcription projects. Listen to the original by clicking the YouTube link, then check out our PDF sheet music, the MP3 version, and (in some cases) the MusicXML version for use in music editing software.

If this isn’t enough, you can see even more of our work!


Michael Jackson; piano cover by Yohan Kim

The classic 1987 Michael Jackson hit, arranged by Peter Bence and played by 13 year old Yohan. (first 4 pages only)


Pearl Jam

Instrumental version of the Pearl Jam classic. (pages 1-3)

See You Again

Wiz Khalifa. Guitar cover by Jon Rule

Acoustic guitar cover of the Wiz Khalifa hit. (Pages 1-2 only)

"You Will Be Found" from Dear Evan Hansen

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

The incredibly stirring anthem from the Broadway musical. (pages 1-5 only)

I'll Rust With You

Steam Powered Giraffe

Our favorite music transcription of all time! Listen to the YouTube and then the MP3 file. You can't not dance to it! ;)

Sing Sang Sung clarinet solo

Gordon Goodwin

One of the greatest clarinet solos of all time. (Page 1 only)


Steve Ivey

A wonderful bluegrass gospel song about belief, faith and hope.

There Is A Time

The Dillards

A nice example of how we do guitar tablature. (First 2 pages only.)

Flavor of the Weak

American Hi-Fi

Yes, we do percussion transcription! Here's the drum line for a great heavy metal song, done by our percussion guru Evan Jaslow.

Aladdin (Finale)

Alan Menkin and others

Instrumental version, from the Broadway musical Aladdin. (Page 1 only)

雙魚的責任 (shuāngyú de zérèn)

黃品源 (Bill Bounce)

Great Chinese pop song. Title is "Pisces responsibility", which roughly translates to "I'm really irresponsible but you make me a better person!"

Marry You Mashup

Postmodern Jukebox

A blend of Marry You by Bruno Mars with Bach's Pachebel Canon in D, along with the Wedding March. Fantastic.

We Don't Know

The Strumbellas

The Strumbellas live in concert. (Page 1 only)

Silent Night


Just a beautiful solo piano version of the Christmas classic.

Lose Again

Karla Bonoff

One of the most beautiful piano+vocals songs we've ever heard. if you like Sarah McLaughlin, you'll love this.

Be Thou My Vision

Worship Republic

A beautiful Christian hymn, recorded live, with strings added afterwards. A good example of what we can do with inspirational music.

Lion's Den

Djaikovski, MC Wasp and Ghetto Priest

Who'd have thought you could mix Macedonian pop music, reggae, and hip hop? Check this out, it's fantastic.


A. Leestma

An original piano and vocal composition by the daughter of one of our customers.

By Your Side

10 Avenue North, covered by 70x7

This Christian rock song was recorded by our friend B. J. Collins and his band 70x7, recorded at the Sons of God Motorcycle Club in Pittsburgh.

Only Hope

Jon Foreman

Beautiful concert performance, nice example of vocals, cello, and guitar. Listen to the song, then check out our MP3 and PDF files!

Losing Game

Angela Autumn

A beautiful solo song by singer/songwriter Angela Autumn. Imagine having the sheet music for your own solo performance!

Phil's Solo from Groundhog Day

Rachmaninoff; played by Terry Fryer

The musical highlight from one of the greatest movies of all time.

Never Alone


theCAUSE specializes in Grateful Dead covers. Here's one of their originals, "Never Alone". We skipped the long space jam, and just transcribed...

Gipsy Song

Vlatko Stefanovski

This is just a fun song, and we absolutely love the YouTube video. It's from the movie Gipsy Magic and is sung in Bulgarian.

Ai wo bie zou (愛我別走)

Jay Chou

Another fun Chinese pop song. We're showing you this one as an example of our 'simplified piano' option.

Hello I Must Be Going (Groucho Marx)

Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby

A classic Marx Brothers tune, from the 1930 film Animal Crackers. Less than a minute long.

Johnny's Garden

Stephen Stills

From the Manassas album by Stephen Stills and friends. In the key of C, it's a really interesting song but not difficult to play.

Just Show Me How To Love You

Sarah Brightman and Jose Cura

A beautiful song. We transcribed this for a customer for her dad's 85th birthday! Original title Tu Cosa Fai Stasera, by Dario Baldan Bembo.

A Story of Ups and Downs

Seungee Lee and Evan Solomon

A beautiful instrumental piece using piano and oboe. We transcribed this for the composer.

You're So Far Away

Carole King

One of the greatest pop songs of all time. We used 3 staffs - vocals, right and left hand keyboard - because of the keyboard complexity.


They Might Be Lifeless

Yes, we can create sheet music for hardcore/metalcore songs too! They Might Be Lifeless, a project from Panama City, Florida. "So send me to my...