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Creative masterminds!

Tunescribers is a worldwide collaboration, bringing some of the world's best music transcription experts together to create custom sheet music for you.  Here are some of our team members.

Bojan M.

Country: Macedonia

Languages:Bulgarian, English

Education:Professionally educated musician with 15 years of music education and bachelor degree at "Music Theory and Composition". Big experience in music transcription, midi sequencing, arranging and composing. Currently working as a teacher at high school of music.

Expertise:I believe that every song can be successfully transcribed, regardless of the genre or its cultural characteristics. I enjoy working on more challenging projects because their limitations and possibilities are awakening my creative impulse.
Also I believe myself that I'm a detail oriented person and I'm not satisfied with the work if it's not perfectly done.
The genres of music that I enjoy in are jazz, pop/rock and some good electronic tracks, but I wouldn't confine myself only to those. I am a professional musician and I enjoy listening to any music if it's craftily composed.

Because I'm keyboard player I fell mostly comfortable while transcribing for piano. I know the boundaries and the limitations of the instrument and I know what is playable and what is not.

I'm awaiting for your orders :)

Bojan Matoski

Joanne V.

Country: Malaysia

Languages:Malay, Mandarin Chinese (use simplified 简体中文), English

Education:Completed University with BA(Hons) Contemporary Music at UCSI Kuala Lumpur,

Expertise:With the advantage of perfect pitch , I can deliver transcriptions and rearrangements from piano, guitar, bass, brass, strings to drums. Band and small orchestral transcriptions are also part of my expertise. Music scores can be delivered in Sibelius, Finale, XML or PDF version.

Joanne Vun

Carlo M.

Country: Philippines


Education:I graduated in 2007 from the University of the Philippines, College of Music, with a Major in Piano Performance.

Expertise:I am an expert in arranging different musical styles such as Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Gospel.

Carlo Moldez

Grant B.

Country: Philippines



Expertise:I've been playing the piano for over ten years. I've worked with several music groups, including orchestras and bands. Music transcription became one of my passions. I have contributed many music sheets to the groups I was part of, most of which involved piano and string pieces.

Grant Bulaong

Adam K.

Country: United States


Education:I graduated with a BA in Music Technology and Jazz Studies from Wayne State University. I've studied Jazz Composition and Arranging extensively and use that to create accurate transcriptions. I studied the guitar as a primary instrument and have a working understanding of most other instruments, especially within jazz ensembles.

Expertise:Jazz and Contemporary styles, but able to transcribe songs across genres. Creation of accurate and easy to read transcriptions.

Adam  Keelan

Stefan N.

Country: Macedonia

Languages:Bulgarian, English

Education:I graduated in Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Accordion Performance.

Expertise:Despite music performance I was studying transcription for accordion and piano as well. From 2015 I am working as an accordion teacher in music high school. I can deliver transcriptions and rearrangements for accordion and piano of several music genres (classical, variety, jazz, pop, rock, traditional, Balkan folk music).

Workaholic guy who is waiting for your order

Stefan Nestoroski

Kaden H.

Country: United States


Education:I'm a musician and composer based out of Portland OR. I studied mandolin performance and composition at Regis University. I have developed a passion for transcription and arranging out of a need for mandolin repertoire. I have studied aural perception, arranging, and orchestration, and bring these skills to bear on my transcription projects.

Expertise:I work mostly in vernacular music (jazz, rock, pop, folk), but also have a deep love of classical and contemporary art music.

My ears are open!

Kaden Hurst

Evan J.

Country: United States


Education:Classically trained with five years of band along with five years of independent progressive rock-oriented study, focused on percussion. Played synthesizer in Motor City Percussion for their 2013 season. Self-taught in the art of drum set transcription and largely follows the Percussive Arts Society standards.

Expertise:Evan Jaslow is the former Prog Guru of OnlineDrummer and has been transcribing drum set for over eight years. He spent far too many hours transcribing the entirety of Dream Theater's Images and Words album and is now the site master at JaslowDrumSheets. Occasionally, he succeeds at writing music.

Is that the last two notes of a 16th-note triplet, or two 32nds? Gotta slow this down...

Evan Jaslow

Justin Z.

Country: USA


Education:I have a bachelor degree in music performance and have experience in guitar, bass and piano. I am a full-time musician playing in rock, jazz and classical groups. I currently instruct guitarists, bassists and pianists how to read and perform. I am a touring musician.

Expertise:I am a guitarist, pianist and bassist. I can arrange, compose and transcribe a song into all its parts or into one instrument or two. I have expertise in arranging rock, classical and jazz pieces and can adapt those styles to one another. I can also create tablature for fretted instruments.

Justin Zych

Sam J.

Country: UK


Education:I am a composer, arranger and musician from Birmingham, UK. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Composition from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Expertise:I have a lot of experience arranging pop songs for Big Bands, but also through my work as a private tutor, for solo piano and guitar. I am a quick transcriber, with a keen eye and ear for detail.

I have a particular specialism towards shifting the genre of a song; I run a successful wedding band that takes popular hits and tweaks them into a Mumford & Sons style. My backgrounds across Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical and Folk mean I can turn my hand to pretty much anything.

Sam James

Wei Fung F.

Country: Malaysia

Languages:Malay, English

Education:I graduated with BA in Music and Popular Music at University of Wolverhampton. Currently a music instructor on piano , organ and violin.

Expertise:I am able to transcribe very quickly and accurately in any genres, mainly on piano / organ / strings / orchestral / band / lead sheet / choir + accompaniment as long as I have the audio reference.

Besides transcribing, I arrange and compose music, as well as adjusting the difficulty of the piece so you will have a great time playing it!

Wei Fung Foo

Gatot A.

Country: Indonesia


Education:I earned my Bachelor of Music degree at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung City - West java.

Expertise:All about guitar, bass and other stringed instruments transcription. Almost 10 years of experience as Guitar TAB contributor for GitarPlus Magazine Indonesia. Also open for full score, piano & vocal transcription. Guitars (electric, acoustic, ukulele & dobro) are my main instrument. My secondary instruments are bass, synthesizer & various electronic music gadgets (Turntable, iOS, MIDI & modular devices).

.. nothing is impossible ..

Gatot Alindo

Chris B.

Country: United Kingdom


Education:I have been transcribing music for over 10 years. I was dissatisfied with the accuracy of many of the transcriptions I came across online, and started to produce my own. These were always very well received, which inspired me to do more and to eventually move on to transcribing professionally.

I received a Higher National Certificate in music in 2012, but I credit the bulk of my knowledge to the wonders of the internet and an always insatiable desire to know more!

Expertise:Multi-instrumentalist, but first and foremost a guitarist and bassist, fluent in a wide range of contemporary genres. I play original compositions in a band and have also been hired as a session performer for various stage shows and studio productions.

I have a deep understanding of music theory and music technology, and am well versed in music production software. I am a highly detail oriented person, perhaps to the point of perfectionism, but this lends itself well to music transcription!

Chris Benzie

Alex C.

Country: Canada

Languages:Spanish, English

Education:Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education with 25+ years of solid experience in teaching, producing and performing professional music.
Extensive hands-on experience on teaching music as University and School Professor.

Expertise:Director of several Bands and Orchestras.
Detailed knowledge of Music and Teaching Methods.
Proficient handling of Protools, Cubase, Reason, Audition, Sonar, etc.
Excellent team building skills; capable of interacting effectively with individuals from professional and non-professional, proven in many years of music performing and production.
Huge knowledge and use of the most advanced music equipment in the market, including musical PC & Mac assisted instruments.
Strategic thinker with the ability to execute effectively and able to work under pressure.
Negotiating, supervisory and leadership skills combined with the ability to delegate.
Fluent in English and Spanish.

Alex Corzo

Elias V.

Country: Venezuela

Languages:Spanish, English

Education:I'm a musician with more than 15 years of experience in the Classical environment working in Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Band as well. I have also worked in Jazz/Alternative/Folk/Fusion languages. As a French Horn player, I have expertise in writing for transposing instruments.

Expertise:Horn at Orquesta Sinfonica de Carabobo (2003-2008 / 2010-2012 / 2015-2017)
Horn at Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Carabobo (2012-2014)
Horn at Banda Sinfónica de Carabobo (2015-2017)
Horn Teacher at Carabobo Music Conservatory (2010-2011 / 2016-2017)
Horn & Arranger at "Vibrass" Quintet (2015 - 2017)
Composer, Arranger & Producer at E.V. Musical Solutions (2017 - act.)
-Freelance Musician-

I'm up to work with you!

Elias Vielma M
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