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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what we do:

Transcribe music (create sheet music) - this is the most common service that we perform. You give us a recording of a song and we give you the sheet music in PDF form, plus MP3 and XML files. You can see lots of example on our More Work Samples page. If your song is on YouTube you can order from the home page. If the song is somewhere else (Soundcloud, MP3 file, etc), contact us .

Rearrange music (create sheet music and simplify the arrangement) - you give us a song in one format (say, a pop song by the Supremes) and we give it back to you arranged for solo piano or guitar, plus vocals. You get PDF sheet music, plus MP3 and XML files. We do this for our regular price, and you order in the usual way - if your song is on YouTube you can order from the home page. If the song is somewhere else (Soundcloud, MP3 file, etc), contact us .

Create new music arrangement - you give us a melody and lyrics, and we create a full arrangement for you. See the FAQ "Can you create a music arrangement?" further down on this page for more info.

Copy music - you give us handwritten sheet music and we convert it to professional quality printed sheet music, as well as giving you MP3 and XML versions. Generally we charge $8 per page. Contact us for details.

We can create accurate sheet music for just about any kind of music including rock, pop, adult contemporary, R&B, folk, country, blues, inspirational/Christian, Latin, children's songs, most jazz, reggae, Asian pop, and hip hop. You can browse thousands of samples here. For most songs, you'll get sheet music with 2 keyboard staffs (left and right hand), a staff for vocal or lead guitar, and chords. If you song has other instruments, we'll transcribe those too.

We can also do percussion pieces, ranging from simple to highly complex.

Most jobs are done at our standard price per minute (you'll see it in the upper right corner of the home page), For a few dollars more we can also do more complex pieces, such as modern jazz, electronic music, opera, classical, experimental music, chamber music, and orchestral pieces, or give you sheet music with lines for more individual instruments. And we can also do multi-part vocal pieces. If you're not sure, please contact us and send us the link, and we'll let you know if we can do it (answer is probably YES) and what the price would be.

Yes! You can see a couple of examples here and here. Usually we can do percussion pieces for our standard price, which you can see on the home page upper right corner.

Most of our projects are solo piano, piano-plus-vocals, or guitar-plus-vocals. But we have also transcribed for other instruments including accordion, cello, violin, harp, flute, mandolin, trumpet, church organ, oud, clarinet, and marimba. We can also do complex percussion-only pieces. Most of these jobs are done at our standard price per minute. Ask us if you have a special request!

Yes, we can create an original musical arrangement for you.

What is it? Let's say you've written and recorded a song that's just your voice, and you want sheet music for that song with a rich piano accompaniment.

What you give us: Contact us and send us the recording of the song, and the lyrics, and some instructions for what style you're looking for. Ideally you'll give us YouTube links (or MP3 recordings) of songs that have the sound that you're looking for.

What we do: We put you in touch directly with the expert who will be doing the work. They'll do the work for you, usually within a week or 10 days. The expert will send you a PDF of the sheet music, a computer-generated MP3 file that you can listen to, and an XML file that you can edit if you want. (Note that the MP3 file is just for checking the notes, it is not a studio recording!) You will review the work, and if you like, our expert will make 1 or 2 revisions of the work to match what you're looking for.

The cost: $45 per minute of music, assuming you want a piano and vocal arrangement. We can do multiple instruments and/or voices, but that costs more, generally adding $5 per minute for each additional instrument or voice.

If you're not satisfied: We try VERY hard to make you happy, but if after 2 rounds of revisions you are still not satisfied, we will refund you 1/2 of the fee you've paid.

To get started: Send email to [email protected] and send us the info listed above. We'll get back to you with a price and instructions for how to order.

We can transpose the song into a different key (that is, make it higher or lower in pitch) for you, for a small charge that you'll see when you go through the ordering process. Tell us your preferred key, or tell us to just shift it up (higher pitch) or down (lower pitch) and how much. Or if you want to get rid of those pesky black keys, just tell us to select an easier key, and we will transpose the song for you, usually to the key of C or G.

No. When we deliver your job, we always give you an MP3 (audio) file as well as the PDF (sheet music) and XML (computer-readable) files. However, the MP3 file is automatically generated from the transcription, and is intended to be used only as an aid in spotting incorrect notes or other errors. Because it's computer-generated, it will have a mechanical feeling to it, and it won't have any of the subtle changes in tempo and dynamics that a real human being would add during a performance. We can also provide you with a slowed-down MP3 file. You'll see that option during the checkout process.

No problem. We've done dozens of guitar solos, clarinet solos, keyboard solos, and so on. When you order, just specify the start time and end time of the part you want, and we'll transcribe just that part. You only pay for the music you need.

You're in luck! The members of our international transcription network speak over a dozen languages, including Bulgarian! But no matter what language the song is in, PLEASE provide us with the lyrics, and we'll insert them into the sheet music for you. No extra charge.

Yes, but it may cost you a bit more than our standard rate (which you'll see in the upper right corner of the home page). We generally do 2 or 3 instruments at the standard rate. Additional instruments are $8/minute for regular complexity songs, though the rate may be higher for more complex songs. Contact us for exact pricing.

Yes we can. Give us your handwritten (or printed) sheet music, and we'll convert it to a beautiful PDF file. You'll also get an MP3 audio file, and a MusicXML file if you want to edit the music afterwards using music editing software like Sibelius. Pricing varies depending on complexity and paper size, but we generally charge $8.00 USD for each normal-density 8.5" x 11.0" page of handwritten music. To get a price quote, contact us and include the handwritten music with your inquiry.

Yes. "Beginner notes" are large notes that have the note letter ("C", "D", "E", etc.) written right inside the body of the note. Generally these are also simplified versions of the song, geared towards beginning keyboard players. We can do these, see this example which is a melody only. We can also create beginner sheet music with the lyrics included too.

Yes. On this page, look for the question "Can you create an arrangement?" and click it for more details.

Yes, no problem. We can usually do 3 or 4 different parts for our standard price. If it's a very complex piece of music we will get back to you with a price.

We guarantee one week, but it's usually 3 to 5 days. If you're really in a hurry, you can order rush service for an extra fee, and get delivery in 48 hours or less.

Yes. Our normal turnaround guarantee is a week, though we usually deliver sooner than that. If you want faster service, we offer rush service, which guarantees you two day (48 hour) turnaround. Rush service costs more. Our website will calculate the rush price for you automatically when you place your order, and you will see the rush charge before you place the order.

IF YOUR SONG IS ALREADY ON YOUTUBE: type or paste the YouTube link for the song into the box on our home page. We will look up the song on YouTube and show it to you. Next, you will see a pair of sliders on the home page, use them to indicate the start and end times of the music that you want us to transcribe. After that, you'll be taken through a few more ordering steps, then you pay for the order and you're all set. That's it. No phone calls, no email exchanges, no haggling, no delays. At the time you order you'll know exactly how much the job will cost and how long it will take. IF YOUR SONG IS NOT ALREADY ON YOUTUBE: contact us and send us the file or a link to the music, along with some info about what you want. We will get back to you with a price quote and a special code that you can use to order on our website.

No problem. Contact us via the Contact Us link, or email us at [email protected], and send us the link to the song (if it's online), or just send us the MP3 file. We'll get back to you with a price quote, and a special code that you can use to order from our website.

No problem. Find the link to the concert and paste it into the home page. We'll retrieve the concert video. Then use the sliders to specify the exact start and stop times for the song (or portion of song) that you want us to transcribe.

Yes, that sometimes happens, if the owner of the song restricts the use of the video in some way. No problem, just contact us (using the Contact Us form) and send us the YouTube link. We'll help you place the order.

When you go through the checkout process, you'll be able to pay by any major credit card, or PayPal. If you don't want to do this, you can always mail us a check or money order, but you'll have to wait for the check to clear before we process your order. Contact us via the Contact form for mailing instructions.

Normally we do standard complexity, which is a note-for-note copy of what you give us (or, in the case of an arrangement, a level of complexity that matches the style of the song). However, if you're a beginning or advanced-beginning pianist, you might want us to give you a simplified piano version. It's the same price. Here's an Here's an example of a simplified piano piece that we did, of the song "One More Kiss, Goodbye."

You will have to convert the iTunes songs to MP3 files and send them to us. Follow these instructions.

Yes, if you own the rights to the music, we’ll transcribe it and then you can do anything you like with it. We can also put your copyright notice on the music if you want. When you order, we will ask you what copyright notice you want on the sheet music.

We do most transcription jobs for our standard rate, which you can see on our home page, in the upper right corner. This is the price we charge for nearly all jobs, including note-for-note transcription and simple arrangements (for example, arranging a pop song for solo piano and vocals). We charge more for very complex transcription jobs, such as jazz improvisations, and songs that have several different instruments. We also charge more for creating arrangements from scratch. See the FAQ called "Can you create an arrangement?" for more details on that.

Yes. Our normal turnaround guarantee is a week, though we usually deliver sooner than that. If you want faster service, we offer rush service, which guarantees you two day (48 hour) turnaround. Rush service costs more. Our website will calculate the rush price for you automatically when you place your order, and you will see the rush charge before you place the order.

All prices on our site are listed in USD. Any currency conversion will be handled at checkout by your credit card provider or PayPal (depending on your payment method).

For jobs of $100 to $199, you can use discount code 100plus to save 5% off the cost of the job. For jobs of $200 or more, you can use ordering code 200plus to save 10% off the cost of the job. For very large jobs, typically over $1,000, we are happy to discuss deeper discounts.

It depends on how quickly you cancel it. If you cancel before we assign your job to a team member, we'll be happy to give you a 100% refund. If you cancel after we assign the job but before it's completed, we will give you anywhere from 10% to 50% refund, depending on how much work our team member has already put into the job. Once the job is delivered, there are no refunds unless we have made major errors in the job that we cannot fix (and that happens very rarely!).

It’s proportional, so for example a song that's 2 minutes and 30 seconds long will be 2.5x the per-minute price.

We respond to emails and handle orders 7 days a week. During regular business days (Monday - Friday London time, excluding holidays) we generally will respond within an hour or so. We are usually closed on weekends and holidays and will get back to you early the next business day.

If you own the music (that is, you're the publisher), then you can do anything you like with it. However, if someone else is the publisher, then you can ONLY use the music for your own personal and private use, such as playing it for yourself or for friends in a home. You are not permitted to simply take someone else's music and perform it in public. Copyright law is pretty clear on this. To use some else's copyrighted music in a public performance, you must obtain the rights to perform the music, by contacting the publisher. For more info, see this website: https://www.easysonglicensing.com/pages/help/articles/licensing-music/music-licensing-for-public-performance.aspx

Nope! And if you want, you can even check out as a guest, giving us only your name and email address.

It depends on who is the publisher - that is, who owns the copyright to the music. If you are the publisher then no, we won't sell the sheet music to others without getting your permission first. However, if you are NOT the publisher (that is, someone else wrote the song), then we reserve the right to sell the sheet music to other people and pay royalties to the copyright holder if possible. We do this as a way to generate some additional revenue, which allows us to offer transcription services at our extremely low prices!

By default, the Tunescribers site capitalizes the first letter of your first and last name, and lowercases the rest. That works for most names. But if your name is something else, like McDonald, you might not like your name showing up as Mcdonald. No problem! The names are editable. So just go back into the name field and edit it, to make it what you want.

he Tunescribers rewards program is easy. You don't have to sign up or do anything. Here's how it works: It's a way for regular customers to get free songs! Every time you buy anything from us, you accumulate Tunescribers Rewards points. The more you buy, the more points you get. When you accumulate enough points, you'll be eligible to get free songs from our Songs For Sale catalog. If you have enough points for a free song, you will automatically see a ″Buy free″ button whenever you are logged in and you look at a song. Then click the ″Buy free″ button and the song will be automatically added to your cart at zero cost. NOTE: Points can only be used to get free songs from our Songs For Sale catalog. You can't use them for transcription work. You can see your rewards status anytime. Just log in and look at the summary at the top of the page. Or to see more details, use the dropdown menu next to your name in the upper right corner of the page, and select ″My Rewards″

Every time you buy anything from us - transcription services, Songs For Sale, whatever - you get points. You'll see the points total when you check out, and also in the confirmation email that you receive afterwards. And you can check your points balance anytime -- first make sure you're logged in to your account, then click the "You've earned xxxx Tunescribers Points" in the pink box at the top of every page.

You can check your points balance anytime. First, make sure you're logged in to your account. Then you can simply look for the pink box at the top of the page that reads "You've earned xxxx Tunescribers Points!" Click on that link and you'll be taken to the Rewards History page. You'll see a column labeled "Point Balance". The FIRST number in that column is your points balance.

First, you have to have enough Tunescribers Rewards Points. You can see your points balance by logging in, then just check the pink box at the top of the page that says "You've earned xxxx Tunescribers Points". To see details, you can (1) log in to your account, (2) click on the "Welcome..." link in the top right corner of the page, and (3) select "My Rewards" from the dropdown menu. Once you've got enough points for free songs, the rest is easy. Go to the Songs For Sale section of our website, and browse through our catalog till you find a song you like. Click on the song title to bring up the details for that song. If you've got enough points, you'll see a special button that's labeled "Buy Free With Points". Click that button and the song will go into your cart at zero cost. Then just check out as usual.

Sorry, no. Points can only be used to get songs from our Songs For Sale catalog.


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