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“Bring Me Home” by G Flip, transcribed 01/25/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

always glad to choose Tunescribers .....4th time returning and will not be the last. Awesome group

“Valley of the Pharaohs” by The Hellecasters, transcribed 01/19/2019 by Joanne V. (see sample)

I am always happy with the outstanding Tunescribers service yet again . I am amazed for their accuracy in all parts of the transcription. They really work to make sure all parts of the song are accurate! Love them !

“Song For George” by Eric Johnson, transcribed 01/23/2019 by Gatot A. (see sample)

Five stars to Tunescribers for their excellent work and quick work . Thanks Tunescribers!

“The Good Old Way” by The Watersons, transcribed 01/19/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

Good work. The only problem is that the verse and chorus are written directly after each other. the separately written out parties and the extra mp3 are nice

“Bon Soir Moreau” by Geno, transcribed 01/08/2019 by Eric F. (see sample)

I have never worked with anyone that has done everything possible to please a customer more than you. I have gotten more than I ever expected. Thanks.

“Safe” by Judie Tzuke, Beverley Craven & Julia Fordham, transcribed 01/12/2019 by Josep A. (see sample)

Fantastic transcription. Such detail in piano and harmonies separated, which was a massive bonus. Speedily sent before deadline.

“Rat In Mi Kitchen” , transcribed by No C. (see sample)

i was delighted and totally satisfied with the work you completed very promptly for me on the UB40 song RATS IN MI KITCHEN. It was tremendous. Many thanks!!

“送你一个大年糕 (Sòng nǐ yīgè dà niángāo)” , transcribed 01/05/2019 by Joanne V. (see sample)

Wow, that was fast - only a couple of days! And very well done - thank you very much! I am very happy with the work.

“Best I've Ever Had” by Victor And The Bluebird, transcribed 01/07/2019 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

Excellent service which I hope to be using regularly. I couldn’t find any fault with this amazing organisation. Thanks again Sam and Wei for your help.

“The Awakening” by Michael Allen Harrison, transcribed 01/09/2019 by Gatot A. (see sample)

Excellent work! Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.

“You Got Me” by Olivia Lane, transcribed 01/05/2019 by Eric F. (see sample)

I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the sheet music and the speed with which my order was completed! I am amazed by how precise the music is and how detailed everything came out to be. Very impressed and will be recommending to friends, and will probably use this site again! Thank you so very much!

“McNally's Row of Flats” by Mick Moloney, transcribed 01/07/2019 by Henri Y. (see sample)

I'm so incredibly grateful for your work! Absolutely saving me for an upcoming concert. Telling everyone I know. Thank you!

“Facing West” by Pat Metheny, transcribed 01/08/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

I always look forward when Tunescribers does any transcription because they never disappoint . I can’t wait to use Tunescribers again soon and they are reasonable !

“Unst Bridal March” by Chris Duncan, transcribed 01/07/2019 by Ludovik B. (see sample)

I'm addicted.

“SRV” by Eric Johnson, transcribed 01/07/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

Tunescribers is amazing ! Five stars out of Five stars ! Well worth my money !

“Song For Irene” by Eric Johnson, transcribed 01/03/2019 by Gatot A. (see sample)

I would like to thank all the people at Tunescribers for delivering the best quality and service ! You Guys rock , keep the excellence work !

“Little Boy Blues” by Triumph, transcribed 01/01/2019 by Eric F. (see sample)

I am very happy with the work Tunescribers has done ,when you have a favorite song , it can be a huge let down to have the transcription be off. Totally happy , THANK YOU TUNESCRIBERS!!!

“I Won't Say I'm in Love - Disney Mash-Up” by arr. Thomas Sanders, transcribed 12/29/2018 by Gina R. (see sample)

My first experience with Tunescribers and they were fast and their work was excellent. I will be using them for all of my music from now on!

“Music For The Head Ballet” by Bonzo Dog Band, transcribed 01/02/2019 by Gatot A. (see sample)

The mistakes I find are few and easily correctable in Musescore. Mostly text and formatting issues. In other words, the work is first rate and perfect for me to polish up the way I want. Thanks!

“Cirquito” by Alfonso de Vilallonga, transcribed 12/26/2018 by Grant B. (see sample)

I had been wrestling with this piece of music for way too long and you turned it around in a day or so. I very happy with the results.
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