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“Lorna Doin'” by Tom Bacon, transcribed 11/08/2020 by Ludovik B. (see sample)

Awesome work. Please thank Ludovik for his great effort. I am very happy with the product. The music is exactly as I wanted it. I love the inclusion of the mp3 file as it now allows me to play along as I intended. I did have a little difficulty seeing the Sibelius file. The issue was I had to install a font that was not in my library. No big deal really, I found the font, installed it and have added this nice font to my library for later use. I will certainly call on your team again, I have a chart in mind but it is a lot more work.

“Something Seems Tingle-ingling” by Rudolf Friml, transcribed 10/31/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

I was looking for the sheet music for a particular arrangement of a piano piece for many years which evidently was out of print. Tunescribers was able to replicate the piece almost exactly as it sounded from the same recording in You Tube and it did within one day. Great Job.

“Song For Lynette” by Eric Johnson, transcribed 10/31/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

This was the song I was really looking forward to getting transcribed and I was not disappointed. Excellent work by Wei Fung , I appreciate it the accuracy ! Thank you !

“Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel, transcribed 10/31/2020 by Angel P. (see sample)

Excellent work done , I am very happy with the transcription by Angel ! Thank you for your very good work, it was what I was looking for i the transcription !

“Alfie” by Burt Bacharach, transcribed 11/06/2020 by Ian P. (see sample)

A good job! Thank you for the fine transcription.

“There Is Grace” by Todd Partridge & Jason Eldredge, transcribed 10/30/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

This song means so much to me, and it's taken me about 4 years to realize I needed somebody else to transcribe it because I just couldn't. I expected it to take the transcriber 5-7 days, and it took him ONE DAY. I was worried it wouldn't work out very well because I was a little pitchy in the vocals, and the recording of the piano wasn't the best quality...when I listened to the transcribed version I got today, I literally cried tears of joy. I wish I had known about Tunescribers sooner.

“Entre Copa y Copa” , transcribed 10/30/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

Really happy with the transcription :)

“Alternative Facts” by John McCutcheon, transcribed 10/29/2020 by Justin Z. (see sample)

This looks great! Thanks for the quick turnaround, looking forward to testing it out as soon as I get my guitar back from the shop!

“New Jerusalem” by Nicholas Loghides, transcribed 10/30/2020 by Marisol S. (see sample)

Wow. Marisol did an incredibly detailed and rich transcription of my song. 14 pages of sheet music in two days. Great work!

“Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues, transcribed 11/02/2020 by Leo A. (see sample)

i am very happy with the accuracy of your transcription. I will recommend you to others and I will definitely use you when I need another song transcribed!

“Romance No. 7 for Violin and Organ” by Mark Andersen, transcribed 10/29/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

Wei Fung is the absolute best!!!

“Who Wants To Live Forever” by Queen, transcribed 10/31/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

The transcriber did an amazing job. This was a complex piece and parts of the performance were a bit muddied by sloppy fingers (by the pianist), but the transcriber did an amazing job at figuring out what the notes should have been.

“Midnight on the Water, Say Little Darlin'” by Trad., transcribed 10/29/2020 by Gatot A. (see sample)

It turned out exactly as I would have liked!

“Christ My Refuge” by Mark Andersen, transcribed 10/23/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

I continue to be extremely pleased with the beautiful transcription work done by Wei Fung!

“Bobby Roode nxt Takeover Chicago entrance” by Unknown, transcribed 10/28/2020 by Gatot A. (see sample)

I have to say I am thrilled with the music. I was not sure how this was going to turn out. When I got the email and was surprised to see an MP3 file of the music, I was so happy because I did email asking if I would get a sample of the music being played, and the person replied that I would not. The music was perfect, and because of that, you will be getting more business from me, and I will be sending people your way if they need such services. Once again, thank you so much for your hard work and excellent translations to sheet music.

“Sweet Sue, Just You” by Victor Young, transcribed 10/26/2020 by Gatot A. (see sample)

Amazingly simple, painless and a great price to boot.

“Rock You Like A Hurricane” by The Scorpions, transcribed 10/20/2020 by Roger T. (see sample)

Awesome! That’s awesome! Thank you. I will definitely use you again.

“Summertime” by George Gershwin, transcribed 10/19/2020 by Roger T. (see sample)

You did excellent work so fast! I don't know what to say, thank you!

“Type Up 1 Page” , transcribed 10/14/2020 by Manuel A. (see sample)

Great ... thanks again!

“Ladies in the Sky” by Tom Blackburn, George Bruns, transcribed 10/15/2020 by Gatot A. (see sample)

You did a fantastic job, and very quickly done too! Thank you. Will be ordering again.