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“God Be In My Head” by Mark Andersen, transcribed 09/18/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

I have come to depend upon the accurate work on transcribing my music. Many thanks!

“Rise Up, Ye Saints of God” by Mark Andersen, transcribed 09/18/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

Again, most excellent work on my composition. I love your work!!!

“Cathedrals” by Jump Little Children, transcribed 09/20/2020 by Manuel A. (see sample)


“Oh Well” by Joe Iconis, transcribed 09/19/2020 by Roger T. (see sample)

Literally the best service to get sheet music produced if its not already out there! So quick and the quality is so well done. I just wish it was slightly cheaper (buying from canada and exchange rates) but i totally understand why it is the price it is because of how well the work is done!

“Did Jesus Have A Baby Sister?” by Dory Previn, transcribed 09/18/2020 by Joanne V. (see sample)


“Over My Head” by Trad.; arr. Patrick Dupré Quigley, transcribed 09/17/2020 by Joanne V. (see sample)

Excellent work!

“Mobile Perpetual” by Mark Andersen, transcribed 09/17/2020 by Marisol S. (see sample)

Beautiful work on my Mobile Perpetual. I appreciate the attention to detail you paid while scoring this piece. I also appreciate you fixing some of the finger slips in the original recording. Excellent work!!!

“Tearful Whisper Sad Piano” by Yellow Brick Cinema, transcribed 09/12/2020 by Joanne V. (see sample)

Wonderful service - friendly, quick and accurate.

“Unknown” , transcribed 09/12/2020 by Justin Z. (see sample)

I'm extremely impressed with your company's progress and work on my requested song. I was also fascinated by how fast the transcribing process was. Thank you for your excellent work!

“Forgive Ours Sins” by Mark Andersen, transcribed 09/12/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

Excellent work on this transcription. I've come to depend upon truly highly quality when you do the work.

“I'm a Good Girl, from Burlesque” by Morali Jacques, Antin Steven, Bernardin Alain Georges Marie, transcribed 09/17/2020 by Gatot A. (see sample)

Great Stuff - Thank you

“You're Gay, from Boy Meets Boy” by Bill Solly, transcribed 09/17/2020 by Ivan G. (see sample)

Very nice transcription. Fast delivery. Thank you.

“Crystal” by Fleetwood Mac, transcribed 09/16/2020 by Ivan G. (see sample)

I was really impressed with having audio and music files available for every possible program. Really nice transcription.

“Scherzo Antiphonale” by Mark Andersen, transcribed 09/15/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

I'm extremely pleased with this transcription. I've waited over 40 years to have a final full scoring of this music and finally found the right company and person to do it accurately and in a playable fashion. My deepest thanks for your great work.

“Monschau” by Maik Kuefer, transcribed 09/07/2020 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

Very fast and easy to use website, great service from the contractors. They had my piano sheet ready within a couple of hours when I was expecting it to take a week!

“Black Orpheus / Manha De Carnaval” by Luiz Bonfá, transcribed 09/08/2020 by Joanne V. (see sample)

Very good

“Ain't Misbehavin'” by Fats Waller, transcribed 09/03/2020 by Roger T. (see sample)

Amazing! Thank you

“Rhapsody for Piano - Amore Eterno” by Mark Andersen, transcribed 09/12/2020 by Angel P. (see sample)

You have done an outstanding job on the transcription of all three movements of my Rhapsody for Piano. Thanks you very, very much!! Mark

“Yardbird Suite” by Charlie Parker, transcribed 09/01/2020 by Roger T. (see sample)

Great work as usual, thank you!

“For You” by Judy Tzuke, Mike Paxman, transcribed 09/06/2020 by Gatot A. (see sample)

Accurate scoring. Quickly produced.