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“Stranded at the Moonbase” by Kate Bush, transcribed 03/18/2019 by Joanne V. (see sample)

I'm thrilled to be able to get the sheet music for this beautiful but rather obscure early Kate Bush demo. Excellent transcription work! Thanks!

“Waiting 'Round To Die” by Townes Van Zandt, transcribed 03/18/2019 by Manuel A. (see sample)

Fantastic job!! Thanks!

“Metroid Prime Final Boss Theme” by Kenji Yamamoto, transcribed 03/20/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

I'd like to thank your transcriber personally. Once again I am astounded by their accuracy. The arrangement looks great! For the price this is an amazing deal. Many thanks! I'm just curious, in the future if I wanted more work done by this specific transcriber, should I just ask and refer to the pieces they transcribed before?

“黃品源 - 雙魚的責任 MV 完整版” , transcribed 03/12/2019 by Syed A. (see sample)

Great work

“I'll Remember April” by by Raye and de Paul, as perf. Andrew Previn, transcribed 03/19/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

Thank you so much for this fantastic transcription! Great work!

“Royal Raceway” by Henry Jackman, transcribed 03/18/2019 by Justin Z. (see sample)

Great sheet music once again, thanks

“Walking Through Leaves” by Laurent Ruaud, transcribed 03/12/2019 by Manuel A. (see sample)

You are all geniuses. The piece is awesome, beautiful, and plays exactly like you hear on Spotify. Thanks again !!!

“Off the Rails” by Nick Arundel and Ron Fish, transcribed 03/16/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

Everything was good but the song I ordered was missing a couple notes other than that everything was good

“Killing Me Softly” by Charles Fox as perf. Adam Rafferty, transcribed 03/11/2019 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

I am very fond of this song , so I love my transcription, tha nk you so very much Tunescribers! Coming Back for more !

“Open Arms” by Journey, transcribed 03/11/2019 by Manuel A. (see sample)

I am so glad to learn this song how they actually play it in the song not the generic transcription. !

“Back To The Present (You Who Came From The Stars OST)” , transcribed by Gatot A. (see sample)

The only source with notes I need! Thank you so much!

“Crushed Dove” by Mark Snow, transcribed 03/15/2019 by Andrew O. (see sample)

I was pleased with the result as it reflects much of the emotion in the original tune. There are limits to how much a piano can genuinely convey the feelings which the cello and other strings produce in the original woek. Nevertheless, it seems to me that I you captured it well.. Nice wook. Thanks.

“I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow, transcribed 03/11/2019 by Andrew O. (see sample)

I want Tunescribers again !!!! Awesome staff !!!!

“My World is Beginning Today” by Maury Laws, transcribed 03/12/2019 by Gatot A. (see sample)

I've wanted sheet music for this song for a long time, and you did an incredible job making it a reality! It's absolutely spot on, totally accurate! I'll definitely come back for any other music I'd like transcribed. Thanks so much!

“I Choose You” by Kiana Ledé, transcribed 03/06/2019 by Andrew O. (see sample)

They did great with playing it on the piano and adding a voice over as well. The voice notes helps guide the singing very well!!!!! Just beautiful work all around!!

“Waltz from the Three Bears Suite” by Eric Coates, transcribed 03/13/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

Very good and helpful service in all respects - much appreciated!

“Elevator Sky Movie” by Eric Johnson & Alien Love Child, transcribed 03/11/2019 by Chris B. (see sample)

As always , very very happy with how Tunescribers Delivers all the time! Very highly recommended!

“Round & Round” by Selena Gomez, transcribed 03/08/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

I am Definitely ordering Midi Files from you guys again. As there a lot of Midi Files on the Internet that are not easy to find.

“Without Warning” by Dokken, transcribed 03/09/2019 by Christopher E. (see sample)

Guitar song to piano song , Tunescribers rocks !!!! George Lynch would be proud !!!

“Blues for Harry (Tishomingo Blues)” by Spencer Williams, as perf. Ian Boyter, transcribed 03/07/2019 by Leo A. (see sample)

bonjour Je suis très satisfait du travail que vous avez fait. Cela correspond à ma demande . C'est Mr Ian Boyter qui m'a donné votre site internet .
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