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“Ta Ta Ta” by Anders Widmark, transcribed 07/13/2019 by Joanne V. (see sample)

Excellent service, amazing results!!! Definitely having more done in the future!!!

“Kandi” by One eskimO, transcribed 07/16/2019 by Jonathon D. (see sample)

This is my fourth - or fifth?? I've lost count. - project with Tunescribers over the years since I discovered them. Their quality of product and fantastic customer service has been consistent over that time, always giving you more personal attention that you expect. Great people to work with!

“Les Fenetres de Moscou” by Trad, as perf. Samy Daussat, transcribed 07/11/2019 by Peter S. (see sample)

Holy moly! I had never heard of you guys until you popped up in a Google search as an ad. I was looking for alternatives to AudioScore, which I just paid for. I was doing that because AudioScore sucks. PhotoScore works just fine, but for what I want to do most of the sources are just audio. When I saw your service rates I thought I better check this out, but I honestly was expecting that the results might be disappointing. Well, that's because so much of what I've tried is either disappointing or just takes me forever to accomplish on my own. What you guys sent me in just two-days time (while I was busy doing other things) absolutely blows me away. The transcriptions is as near perfection as anyone could expect. I have lots of projects in mind that I've not started for a very long time because the task to getting a proper score on paper has just been too daunting for a music hobbyist with kids and a full-time job like myself. I might be a unique customer profile, but I'd think even if I were a full time professional musician (with or without kids) I would still turn to you guys for transcriptions. Awesome work, look forward to doing this again very soon.

“The Night Takes A Moment” by Phil Smith, transcribed 07/17/2019 by Sam J. (see sample)

A great service I am a busy composer and can't always create clear looking scores. These guys can. Excellent service.

“Solo” by Akira Senju, arr. RiveR, transcribed 07/14/2019 by Manuel A. (see sample)

The song they transcribed was awesome. I like how they give me the sheet music and and editable xml so if I want to edit any on my own I can. This is one one first songs I wanted to learn. Thank you so much.

“Detective Conan Main Theme” by Katsuo Ono Band, as perf. Ane Ura, transcribed 07/14/2019 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

Great work. Accurate transcription.

“Mountains” by Ascotpres, transcribed 07/14/2019 by Manuel A. (see sample)

Wonderful as always - thanks!!! This will be a piano and clarinet and violin track from the midi files that will be slightly offset forward in time sequentially layered then bounced to an mp3 file and produced with the already produced video so both natural four track recording can be compared with produced version...same video already produced. Thanks - this is cool...

“Evil Eyes” by Dio, transcribed 07/08/2019 by Justin Z. (see sample)

You guys are great. Exactly what I needed (and couldn't find anywhere else), really fast and easy. Thanks so much!

“Macedonia/Little David” by Music by Vince Guaraldi and Conte Candoli, Arranged by George Winston, transcribed 07/13/2019 by Ivan G. (see sample)

I could not be happier with my sheet music! Every note looks completely perfect, as usual. This arrangement by George Winston is my all-time favorite of his. So, it was very exciting to see the sheet music and have a chance to play through it. Also, I was impressed with how soon the music was transcribed and emailed to me. Thank you for taking your time while staying with a fast pace. When I need another piece transcribed, I’ll definitely be back to Tunescribers. com. Thanks, and have a great day!

“Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel, as perf. 7notemode, transcribed 07/03/2019 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

That was really quick, great job!

“Lollipops And Roses” , transcribed by Ludovik B. (see sample)

Spot on, quick service and having all those options/formats is great, just what I was looking for.

“Tippin' Home From Sunday School” by Oliver Jones, transcribed 07/01/2019 by Wei Fung F. (see sample)

Wonderful job. Took only one day to receive finished transcription. I started playing the transcription today and it sounds great. Beautifully done. Easy to order and use PayPal. I will not hesitate to order another transcription at the next opportunity. Terrific price as well. Alan Tischler

“I Believe In You” by Eric Marienthal, transcribed 07/07/2019 by Sarah F. (see sample)

The transcription is dead on, very impressed with your workmanship. Thanks again for your professionalism and quick turnaround. Pete

“With You” by Ill Niño, transcribed 07/08/2019 by Manuel A. (see sample)

You guys are amazing. thank you so much for this can't begin to tell you how much this means to have this all down on paper.

“Pretty Girl Milking A Cow” by Celia Briar, transcribed 07/06/2019 by Ludovik B. (see sample)

Thank you. Watch for more orders. I'm thrilled.

“Before Love Went Out of Style” , transcribed 07/07/2019 by Eric F. (see sample)

After listening to the MIDI file I had some alternative options about how to notate the rhythm but other than those minor quibbles I am again delighted with the results Thank you

“Klassisk Romance” by T.N.T., transcribed 07/05/2019 by Gatot A. (see sample)

This is my first time ordering a guitar transcription with the tab , I was very happy to see that Tunescribers has the same high quality transcription as they do for the piano parts . Highly recommend using Tunescribers !!! Thanks for your dedication !!! Dedicated!

“Brasilia” by Vince Guaraldi, transcribed 07/04/2019 by Gatot A. (see sample)

Thank you very much for an amazing job on my sheet music! Everything looks and sounds perfect, which is not only impressive, but also kind of you to take the time to pay attention to the details. I’ve had many different piano pieces transcribed by, and every time, I couldn’t be more glad that I went with you. All of your transcribers are so talented. Have a great day!

“A Taste for Passion” , transcribed by Justin Z. (see sample)

Great job. Thank you very much. I'm missing the Sibelius file I ordered at checkout, but that's not a big deal. Just FYI. Thanks again, Jeff [Missing file located and sent -SAM]

“When You Were Sweet Sixteen” by James Thornton; as perf. Barry Manilow, transcribed 07/02/2019 by Gatot A. (see sample)

Thanks so much for all the work!
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