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We started Tunescribers in early 2016, when one of us (Jeff) really wanted to learn how to play a Chinese pop song called 雙魚的責任 (Shuangyu de zeren) by Bill Bounce.  He went online to find someone to create the sheet music, and soon discovered that these services were surprisingly expensive, and the process for purchasing the services was slow and cumbersome and really didn't fit today's "get it fast, get it right" model for buying online.  So turning a problem into an opportunity, Jeff put a team together and started Tunescribers.  

And now here we are.  We're working to transform the music transcription business, by making high quality custom sheet music available to everyone, reasonably priced, and hassle free.  

Our core values are: be honest, treat people well, be a responsible citizen of the  world, and have some fun.  Not necessarily in that order.

We hope you like what we've built for you.

Jeff Pepper | President/CEO | Tunescribers
Jeff Pepper
Sam James | Head of Operations | Tunescribers
Sam James
Head of Operations
The Tunescribers transcription team
The Tunescribers Transcription Team