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by Henry Mancini
by Charity Gayle, Ryan Kennedy, Steven Musso, David Gentiles, Bryan McCleery
by Trad.; as perf. Franck Di-giovanni
by Jean-Philippe Rameau
performed by Víkingur Ólafsson
by Serge Gainsbourg
performed by Khatia Buniatishvili
by Anaïs Mitchell
by Dolly Parton, as perf. The Wailin' Jennys
by Fred Rauch, Gerhard Winkler, Carl Sigman
performed by Keith Jarrett
by Whiskey Myers
by Gabriel Mann, Piper Rutman
performed by The Platt Brothers
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by Jonathan Starkey
by Gaither Vocal Band
by Clannad
by Charity Gayle
by Jim McGuinn, Harvey Gerst
performed by The Byrds
by Mitch Leigh
performed by Brian Stokes Mitchell
by The String Cheese Incident
by Jhené Aiko
by Unknown
by Stanley Cowell
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What WE DO

Tunescribers is the world’s leading music transcription service, used by thousands of songwriters, publishers and music lovers around the world since 2017. We’ve created sheet music for them, and we’d love to do it for you too!

Here, briefly, is how we do it. We start with an audio recording of your song, either a link to the file on YouTube, SoundCloud, or other online location, or with a file in MP3 or other audio format. Then someone from our worldwide team of transcription experts listens to it and carefully transcribes it into sheet music.  This process is usually called “music transcription” but is sometimes called “audio to sheet music” or “transcribing music to notes.” You can tell us to either transcribe the song exactly as we hear it (“note for note transcription”), or to create a new arrangement (for example, converting a full orchestral performance into a simpler piano-and-vocals arrangement). We can also arrange your song as just chords-and-vocals, sometimes called a “lead sheet” or “fake sheet.” And we can transpose the song, shifting it up or down to whatever key you like.

When we’re finished, we send you the end result, called a “musical score,” “musical notation,” or simply “music notes.” You get the score in three different file formats: a PDF file that is the actual sheet music, an MP3 audio file that allows you to listen to the sheet music, and a MusicXML file in case you want to load the sheet music into a music editing or playback system. If you wish, we can also provide many other file formats including MUSX for Finale, GP for GuitarPro, MSCZ for MuseScore, SIB for Sibelius, and MIDI. If you have a guitar part, we can transcribe it using standard notation, guitar tablature, or both.

We also offer additional services. You can get create performance-quality backing tracks for your song, using any combination of instruments you like. You can get a karaoke or singalong version of your song in CD+G to play in a karaoke machine, or an MP4 video to play on a computer or mobile device. And you can get a piano performance video of a professional pianist playing your song, to help you learn to play it. You’ll see all these options as you proceed through our automated ordering system.

Interested? Try our automated ordering system at the top of this page, or contact us if you have any questions. Thanks, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!